Hello, Summer!

Am I glad to see you!


DSC 9851

Now on to garden fun things…

While waiting patiently for Miss Summer to arrive, I drove Mr. Denim nuts with all kinds of ideas for garden projects.

{He needs to justify having so many tools, right?!?}

Well…one of ‘em was a real highfalutin picnic table…yes siree.

Even though I’m no longer a kid. Whatever.

And he agreed to make one for me.

Fullsizeoutput 1461

We found free plans online and decided to use this one.

                              IMG 8405

Just looking at these $99 picnic tables at Home Depot…I knew he could do better.

It whetted my appetite.

Fullsizeoutput 1464

He bought redwood there…uh huh…gotta make it a little classier…

Fullsizeoutput 1462

 and thus started a fun weekend project.

Honestly tho, it took about $250, 15 hours to build, two days to stain and another day to move a garden bed for the table’s new place.

Call it two weekends 🙂

Fullsizeoutput 1469

 I stained it with cedar stain I already had…

Fullsizeoutput 146a

then polyurethaned it the next day for a semi-gloss finish.

DSC 9649

{Curious Roxie}

Fullsizeoutput 1103

Side note…Roxie’s new sign on the garden fence 🙂

She deserves it…haha.

{Wait til I tell ya about her 3 week boarding & training vacation}

DSC 9686

 Mr. Denim…my hardworking guy 🙂

DSC 0628

Finished!  Looks so easy, right?

It’ll look better once the grass grows in…and fence removed.

Blame those digging dogs!

Fullsizeoutput 143a

This table is now my happy place…in the garden that’s my happy place.

Fullsizeoutput 146e

 Time to relax now 🙂

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  1. It really turned out great…..Enjoy your new happy place 🙂

    • Oh I so am! Fresh air makes everything seem {and taste} much better 🙂

  2. Please tell, Mr. Denim that Christine & Erick from the sawmill workshop say hello and we think the picnic table looks wonderful! We will be moving to our new property in a couple weeks and be closer neighbors. I absolutely adore your garden!! So much inspiration.

    • Hi future neighbors! Mr. Denim and I say that we will definitely have you over to help break in our new picnic table :). Please stay in touch! How exciting to be closer to Sandpoint and the beautiful lake!

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