Hey hey hey gardenistas!

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{my latest photo on Instagram of my homemade garden bouquet}

Just as I was settling into a long hot summer…BAM…here comes August with subtle reminders to think about a Fall garden.

Am I right?

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I think I have another month of flip flops and parched grass 😉.

{but I am so ready for boots and green grass!}

Anyhoo, I’ve dismissed a Fall garden in the past…

simply because I’ve been garden weary by the end of the summer…

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and too focused on saving and storing summer produce like these Walla Wallas I pulled the other day.

Freeze, dehydrate or try to store until snow comes?  All three most likely.

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This year, though, I’ve decided to give a Fall garden a try since for the last few years the summer garden harvest has been more lackluster than I would like.

I mean, I would starve to death or wear a size 2 if I depended on my summer harvest.

Well, if I was a vegetarian.

So…here is a quickie reminder that if you’re so inclined…you’d better start your seeds now…or at least in August.

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The average first freeze/frost date for my location is mid to late September. Yikes. So I quickly planted my favorite cool weather veggies.

They range from 30 – 110 days until maturity.

Until then I will need to cover them if a hard freeze comes.

Most of them will tolerate and taste better with light frosts.

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No need for a heat mat or grow lights to get the seeds started.


 It’s warm enough during the day and I’ve kept them on the picnic table…rotating them to stay in the shade in the hot afternoon sun.

I  planted chinese cabbage, regular green cabbage, broccoli, spinach, romaine, Brussels sprouts and leek.

Hmmmm…thinking now that I should plant kale and chard too for 🐓 treats.

{I’ve tried all of these cool weather veggies in early Spring…but then they bolt from hot weather before I can harvest them. Time to change my tactics}

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Anyone else ready for crisp evenings and cooler temps? Me too!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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Posted by on Aug 8, 2017 | 4 comments


  1. Oh gosh! We are SO ready for boots and green grass!! And I am excited to get started with a Fall garden. We are doing container gardening this year but I have that itch and just have to get something growing or I”m going to lose it!! Fall gardening is my favorite gardening. Not only are many of the veggies my absolute favorite (though I love all veggies) but Fall gardening just seems easier with less troubleshooting.

    • HAHA yep I think I’m finally getting smart about summer gardening in North Idaho! Now to go plant kale and chard…..I forgot yesterday…ooops!!!

  2. Hey, nice onion Harvest you have there 🙂
    You are right, our cold weather comes fast! I planted my fall crops this week…better late than never, I guess 😉 Hopefully, I won’t get garden burn out or be a garden slacker…ha!

    • We’re on the same page then 🙂 . This will be a fun experiment for me this year! Anxious to see how your veggies turn out.

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