Good morning, gardenistas!

Hope you had a great last weekend of April…’cause now it’s FINALLY May!

The sweet spot month up here in far north Idaho.

The month of the last frost {hopefully}.

The month to get things cranking.

Fullsizeoutput 113a

It’s too cold for flowers outside now, but I’m enjoying the 16 geraniums that my neighbor Queen of Birds threw my way.

She’s also Queen of Flowers 🙂

She said when temps get over 50 degrees they’ll be fine outside.

So I keep waiting.

Fullsizeoutput 10f9

Fluff aside, let’s get down to business.

Chitting potatoes…and my problems this year with them!

Fullsizeoutput 1135

These are actually organic red potatoes I bought at the store…to eat…and then they started sprouting before we ate them :/

So…why not use them in the garden?  Experiment #1.

DSC 9294

I cut the larger potatoes in half as long as they had eyes on each piece…and within a week they started getting moldy and fuzzy fungusy (my new word).

Was about to throw them out but Google said I could probably grow them just fine.  Experiment #2.

DSC 9298

I’m not planting as many this year so this bed was chosen.

DSC 9302

In the ground they went on April 6, with hoops overhead as a last minute barrier to save them from Roxie’s digging.

There has been no growth coming up, so yesterday I decided to pull one up to see if they were mushy and dead, or alive and well.

IMG 8004

Voila! Roots growing!

Fullsizeoutput 1138

Back in the ground it went.

Fullsizeoutput 1139

In the interim, we had to change out the hoops for a wire barrier in the bed, and also a whole new project for Mr. Denim…

Fullsizeoutput 1136

so this wouldn’t keep happening.

IMG 8008

Still not done with the “doggie fence”…Mr. Denim’s busy season is just getting started!

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