It all started here… the Pend d’Oreille Winery In Sandpoint.  What a cool place. Go there sometime!

IMG 3192

Just a pop in for lunch and…ahem…a glass of wine.  But then I spotted this coat rack on a trip to the ladies room.  I was smitten. I wanted some rustic rock knobs! Perhaps it was the wine that made me think over-the-top. Whatever.

IMG 3195

I had purchased rock knobs before for a bathroom… {if you’ve been reading this blog you know about my rock obsession}…but they had silver stems {see below}…a little contemporary for my taste and pricey at $12 a knob.

DSC 8660

We had just put in a bunch of cheap cabinets in the “barn” and I wanted rock knobs but I didn’t want to pay that price.  We needed about 15 of them.

DSC 8824

 So I figured, heck…how hard can it be to make my own?!?  I found some small rocks at Walmart {in the flower arrangement/home decor section…I don’t remember but maybe $5 per box}…and also picked up some nice ones around the garden.

DSC 8814

I bought some epoxy…..and with a bit of internet research I found and ordered some oil rubbed bronze flat knob bases and knob screws.

IMG 4166

I set them in an old pie tin with sand and epoxied the rocks to the bases {screws added later…not necessary for gluing together…just the only photo I have!}…and let them sit overnight to harden.

DSC 8815

Here are the three things you need…

DSC 8800

 … epoxy.  Simple and very easy!

 DSC 8817


DSC 8829

 …really close up.

DSC 8545

Here they are on my el cheapo cabinets from Lowe’s.

DSC 8554

I love ‘em.

DSC 8555

 They give these cheap cabinets a lot of rustic character.

DSC 8548

And oh yeah…I painted chalkboard paint on my upper cabinets…..but that’s a post for another time.  I also realized that I’m not much of an artist…hehe.

I ordered my  bases  from here:

D. Lawless Hardware

Oil Rubbed Bronze Base

You will also need round head slotted screws {#8-32 x 1/2”… also maybe 1” – for varying thicknesses of your drawers and cabinets – w/Nuts}. I think I got them at Home Depot…I didn’t take careful notes. Oooops. My mistake…I was having just too much fun making them.  But you can probably find them just about anywhere.


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