Hi friends!

This has been one ugly month…weather wise that is…

with extreme temps…

at least for North Idaho!!!

{I don’t remember a summer this hot in the last 6 years since I’ve been here}

Fullsizeoutput 154e

…and it’s gonna get worse.


Sheesh….am I still living in Arizona?!?

I left Arizona because of heat and blowing a/c!

Fullsizeoutput 1517

 So a girl’s gotta have a little bit of fun mixed in with the gardening & heat…

like taking the chair lift to the top of Schweitzer Mtn…

{Lake Pend Oreille in distance}

Fullsizeoutput 1570

to dine al fresco at the new Sky House restaurant at the 6400′ summit.

Hey, at least it was 80ish instead of 90ish.

{Yeah my gardenista-itis wants to plant cover crops ASAP up there!}

IMG 9260

 Oh my goodness…wonderful mahi-mahi tacos!

One of Sandpoint’s true pleasures is enjoying Schweitzer Mountain!


Fullsizeoutput 14ea

 And…of course…hitting Lake Pend Oreille…this kayak adventure on the Fourth…totally patriotic hehe.

Yeah that’s who I am. Just having fun with the mini flags. Isn’t that what life’s about?

 OK… to the garden…

 Fullsizeoutput 1505

 The heat has just decimated the garden…but the flowers are loving it 🙂

So far.

DSC 1259

 All looks better than it really is 🙁

Fullsizeoutput 14fe

 I harvested the garlic scapes…

Fullsizeoutput 1501

 made pesto…

DSC 1208

 and the garlic is now drying in the greenhouse for a couple of weeks.

DSC 1209

 I’m improvising with a new herb dryer that I bought on Amazon.

DSC 1219

 Cucumber plants look fantastic…but no cukes yet…

DSC 1228

 I do have one beautiful red cabbage head ready to pull…

DSC 1232

 tomatillos are loving the heat…

DSC 1235

 pole beans look happy but no beans yet!

DSC 1237

Oriental snow peas are very unhappy…

DSC 1240

 but the Oregon sugar pods are doing well.

Go figure.

DSC 1242

What’s left of the parsley is bolting and the cilantro is pretty much gone…

{I have used a lot of parsley already for juice}

DSC 1246

The Walla Walla onions are doing FABULOUS!!!

DSC 1253

 Butternut squash not so well. The zucchini looks like this too.

 DSC 1221

  I hope someone can tell me what kind of black bugs are eating my beautiful sunflower petals!!!

They’re everywhere!

I’ve never had this before in the garden.



Only one day after posting this, I discovered what these nasty bugs are…blister beetles.

They are toxic and can injure horses and livestock if swallowed. 

Google to check out more info.

I am cutting all the sunflowers with beetles on them and soaking them in soapy water.  Also, my calendula that I had been drying for salve will be thrown out too.  They were all over the flowers when I picked them.

ARGH…live and learn 🙂

DSC 1247

 I tried to fool Mother Nature with our cool Spring and planted Brussels Sprouts…

hoping I might get some.

Fullsizeoutput 1508

I have a few at the bottom of the stalks…but with this heat coming not likely the rest will survive.

Better pull them tomorrow.

Fullsizeoutput 151c

Cut some lavender…haven’t decided how to use it…still drying…

Fullsizeoutput 1528

red potatoes and green onions and a few Anaheim chiles were ready…

DSC 1249

 Anaheim peppers are the only ones so far that I’ve gotten…

Fullsizeoutput 1506

 beautiful…but not as hot as my planted Jalapeños, Thai chile, Cayenne or Serrano…

and I like them HOT🔥!

DSC 1231

Green tomatoes everywhere…and not one red.

And it’s almost August for crying out loud!

DSC 1190

 Echinacea is beautiful! The bees love it.

DSC 1062

 Have also cut calendula and drying it for salves.

Fullsizeoutput 1568

I have new Brussel Sprouts growing to plant soon to harvest in the Fall.

Hope I get some this time!

Fullsizeoutput 1550

Hope your garden is doing great!

Let me know what you’ve got going!

Fullsizeoutput 14d5

I leave you with this calm and cool photo of horses grazing on the edge of Lake Pend Oreille.

I am always amazed at what I see when kayaking.

There ain’t no place like North Idaho!

Carry on gardenistas!

PS  I almost forgot to mention…website happenin’ much slower that I had hoped.

It’s happenin’ tho…

when I stop pulling my hair out…

coming soon means coming sometime soon…hehe 🙂

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Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 | 7 comments


  1. Your garden is ALWAYS fun to watch grow, but i know how much work it involves. I tried growing Brussel Sprouts this year and they just barely came up a couple of inches and then the heat turned them yellow despite all the water I gave them. I’m DONE with my garden for the year….I’ll enjoy yours vicariously.

    • Yes….work work and more work. I hear ya!

  2. Betautiful, but I agree with Robbie it looks like A TON of work!
    I’m having trouble keeping my lawn green LOL

    • This heat is a killer…for the garden and my motivation too. Hate to admit it! But there’s only so much one can do!

  3. Absolutely lovely! So many good things happening in your garden. Not sure what those bugs are that are tormenting your sunflowers. I haven’t seen those bugs, myself.

    • Thanks Christine. The heat tho kills my spunk! But we did have fresh green beans for dinner tonite! YUM!

  4. Great garden update 😉 Things are starting to really heat up!

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