Hi friends!

Over the years I’ve accumulated 28 raised garden beds.

 Fullsizeoutput 1481

Or I should say I instructed Mr. Denim to build ‘em.

 Fullsizeoutput 1482

Two years ago I stenciled numbers on all of them…

 Fullsizeoutput 1483

to keep track of what I planted in which bed.

I once drew out a garden plan but it got too convoluted and confusing.

This garden ain’t neat and orderly with beds arranged in rows.

It’s pretty much cattywampus.

Fullsizeoutput 1484

The stenciled numbers were {yawn} boring looking and I’ve never found any stencils to liven the look up.

Fullsizeoutput 1480

This summer the industrial looking numbers are fading pretty badly.

Fullsizeoutput 147a

 So…I had an aha moment at Home Depot a few weeks ago…and decided to get these house numbers for something more permanent.

DSC 0875

 You know paint and I are good friends….of course I decided to paint them green…

Fullsizeoutput 147d

 under Roxie’s ever-watchful eye.

Fullsizeoutput 147b

 Here you can see the new larger metal number…and old painted number.

Fullsizeoutput 147c

 A little sandpaper to rub off the old number…

Fullsizeoutput 147f

and while it’s not perfect right now, the wood will weather more and in a year it’ll look good 😉

I have half of them done so far…just takes time!

Have a great week!

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  1. Great way to keep tabs on all the boxes 😉

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