Happy Friday all!

We’re closing in on a holiday weekend that maybe we can extend to a four day weekend?!?

Anyhoo, like all good bloggers…I try to schedule photo ops long before a post.

All I wanted yesterday were some cute patriotic pup pics.

Fullsizeoutput 14a8

Roxie was the perfect poser 🙂

You sweet German Shepherd.

Good girl!

Fullsizeoutput 14a9

 Riley the stubborn Frenchie was a whole different ball game.

Fullsizeoutput 14ab

Riley: So whaddaya want? My handsome profile?

Fullsizeoutput 14ad

 Riley: I’m getting annoyed. Can’t you see that my ears are talking to ya?

Fullsizeoutput 14af

 Me: Puhlease just smile and we’ll be done.

Riley: OK…but only ‘cause I heard the word “treat”.

Fullsizeoutput 14ae

 Riley: It’s past my nap time. Hurry up.

Fullsizeoutput 14b0

 Me: OK…we’re done. Go ahead and pretend to kill your bandana.

Fullsizeoutput 14b1

Me: But it’s here waiting for the real Fourth of July.

Fair warning Mr. Frenchie!

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  1. Oh! I love, love these lovely pet pictures, just beautiful made me smile.

    • Thank you!!!! You must be a dog lover!!! I used to love cats more than dogs…..but these guys are too much! So much personality 🙂 HA!

  2. Love your Doggie Bloggie#

    • Thanks Vanessa!

  3. Yes, I am a dog lover, love cats also had one for years but she past away. My daughter has two and I have developed allergies can’t stay around to long. Our beautiful baby that we had for 16 years was the love of our life when we lost him it was so bad. I still have his favorite toys and feeding bowls, so many memory’s we had him before grandchildren and he loved them so much. I have pictures of him trying to get in tub for baths, taking little cars in the pools from my grandson, he would put his head in and come out with a car. Miss him so much! Happy Fourth to you from way down in central Alabama😊!

    • Sue, we had to put Roman down last November…he was our perfect 10 year old German Shepherd. A gentle giant for sure. It’s very painful 🙁

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