Hi gardenistas!

Oh my, seems that posting has gotten away from me lately.

Ooops…I’m sorry.

Here it is June already!

Fullsizeoutput 132b

I had fun yesterday planting and learning all about succulents.

Yes Ma’am!

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 My neighbor, whom I call Queen of Birds {aka Queen of Flowers},  gifted me with some extra succulents from a bunch that she had been gifted with.

How’s that for coolness 🙂

{{For those of you new here, her monikers are due to her awesome knowledge of birds…she shoulda been an ornithologist…and also due to her prolific colorful summer flower garden. Maybe I can talk her into a few pics to show y’all}}

Fullsizeoutput 1327

 Since I never have planted any succulents {other than aloe vera} I asked her how she arranged hers.

  Above is her pic she sent me.

After living in the Sonoran Desert for a big chunk of time, you’d think I’d be an expert.

Not so.

They’re not cactus. And they don’t prick and hurt.

Fullsizeoutput 132c

Anyhoo…I checked in with Professor Google…and learned a few things.

#1 They need well draining soil.

So I skeedadled to Home Depot and bought some cactus & succulent potting mix.

Fullsizeoutput 132d

I wanted a buffer at the bottom of my mini-trough container even though it already has drainage holes in the bottom…

so I threw in wine bottle corks that I’ve been saving for some unknown future project.

Guess this was that future project 😉

Fullsizeoutput 132e

Talk about easy planting…

Fullsizeoutput 132f

 Three minutes later…

and I had my succulent garden.

Fullsizeoutput 1330

#2   Water deep but less often, and don’t use a spray bottle.

Overwatering will kill them.

Fullsizeoutput 1331

#3  They like lots of light, but avoid direct sunlight as they can get sunburned.

They’re sensitive!

Fullsizeoutput 1332

 After taking these pics, I decided that this place in the greenhouse wouldn’t work.

DSC 0774

 It gets too hot in here in the summer and they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Fullsizeoutput 1334

 So I will move them to the west wall inside the greenhouse…

where they’ll be in shade all day but still have plenty of light.

Fullsizeoutput 1332

 #4  In the winter they’ll go live in the house by a window or under a grow light for 6 hours/day.

                                              They like to be cool in the winter but not freezing cold…

Idaho ain’t their happy place.

DSC 0769

I hope they’re as low maintenance as they seem now…time will tell 👍


Something new and different!

{do ya think I like turquoise?!?}

Thank you, Queen of Birds!

PS……I’m updating my website soon and have changed the blog’s email service provider, so if you want to continue to receive these posts by email you’ll have to sign up again in the pop-up window. Y’all will have some time tho to get it done 🙂

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