Hi all!

 Popping in real quick today to let ya know two things:

1) ENJOY your Fourth of July holiday! 🇺🇸

IMG 5047


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Fullsizeoutput 14b7


Fullsizeoutput 14b8

{we won’t tell anyone you’re eating cupcakes!}

Fullsizeoutput 14b9

Or anything else that’s not on the live-to-100 food list!

IMG 4430

Have some R & R and FUN too!

2) This blog is having a major redesign this week {hope you guys will like the new look!} and may be down a bit and/or looking kinda wonky and/or you’ll not be getting your posts by emails.

Like temporarily or like ever again. You might need to resubscribe.

I dunno how it’ll all play out…so this is just a heads up.  Tech stuff has a mind of its own. Hehe. You know what I’m sayin’.

Now go forth and have a good Fourth!

Fullsizeoutput 14c1

Let the fireworks begin 🎉

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  1. Beautiful and yummy photos…makes me want to do something special for the Fourth for my visiting family.

    • You’d better Robbie 😉 ! Holidays only come once a year….and family visits are special! You’re such a good baker…you will come up with all sorts of yummy things! {and if you make those pancake thingies….I forgot what they’re called…them Mr. Denim will gladly take a handful hehe}

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