We had sun yesterday!!!!   I’ll take it!

Want to show y’all what’s coming up in the “barn”…not really a “real” barn at all tho…just looks like one. HA!

I’m either extremely optimistic or naive…hehe…

but hoping I can plant some of these babies in my raised beds in 30 days or so…that is, with hoops and frost coverings.

 Something new I’m determined to try out soon.

 Fullsizeoutput 1016


Fullsizeoutput 1017

a few tomatoes…

DSC 8863

romaine, swiss chard…

I mostly started seedlings that will tolerate cooler temps…

and they’e all “older” seeds…back to 2013.

I haven’t bought new seeds yet for 2017.

DSC 8885

Parsley, cilantro…

DSC 8884

broccoli, bok choy…

DSC 8886

some of these were started way back on New Year’s Day…yep…

DSC 8889

others not until last week.

DSC 8881

Without a working hose yet outside in the garden {it would freeze}, I improvise with my “cowgirl kitchen” in the barn for planting…

it’s messy work 🙁

Fullsizeoutput 1014

I’m leaving the kale on a shelf in the greenhouse…right outside my cowgirl kitchen window…

but I cover it up at night with frost protection.

It’s for the chickens…those girls love it.

{have you ever tried kale chips? ARGH! They’re yummy…but NEVER eat them in public…they stick to your teeth and you better have a good friend with you to tell you that you have stuff in your teeth }

Fullsizeoutput 1033

After snowing all night…daybreak looked like this.

Fullsizeoutput 1035

Roxie is happiest when sitting on snow…that silly girl.

She awakes me at the crack of dawn to get outside to her happy place.

Fullsizeoutput 1032

The winds kicked in later and blew off all the snow on the trees…

Fullsizeoutput 1039

but it was sure pretty while it lasted 🙂

Have a good weekend, gardenistas!

Daylight savings on Sunday…and 10 days ’til Spring!!!


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  1. Look at all those starts 🙂 Ha Ha sound advice on never eating kale chips while out in public!

    • I speak from experience….hehe….enjoy only in the privacy of your own home 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! I’ve also had the kale chip experience ;-). Yummy when not in public! Let’s all think SUN for Spring, I would love to see the ground at some point in 2017.

    • Hi Ocean….Yep….this has been one long winter. L O N G. 🙁

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