Hi all!

Hey…so um…we got snow yesterday morning! Yikes!

Fullsizeoutput 10f6

It’s April and Spring! Yeah…SPRING!

Fullsizeoutput 10f3

Bizarre. My garlic is ok with it…

Fullsizeoutput 10f0

I’ll have more garden updates soon…

Fullsizeoutput 10f1

but my parsley ain’t happy!

Fullsizeoutput 10ee

What an interesting day it’s been…

Fullsizeoutput 10f4

and yeah I’m thinking positive thoughts with these shoes…

Fullsizeoutput 10ef

but Roxie is totally confused!

I’ll be back soon gardenistas!

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  1. The wild turkeys weren’t happy either…I’ve photos of them in it and they didn’t like it one bit. At least by afternoon it was all melted off.

    • Maybe one of these days we’ll get some lasting sun instead of clouds! Hehe……

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