October? Really? Already?

While the trees are looking absolutely gorgeous, the garden is beginning to take on its seen better days look.

First order of business…plant garlic! Yeah baby!

A few inches of straw on top to keep them happy during the cold snowy winter.

The cool nights are bad news for tomatoes, tomatillos and chile peppers that I have left.

So…on my list for October…

Pull tomatoes and tomatillos and throw away plants. I don’t save them in the compost bin since they are prone to disease, and I don’t want anything remotely sickly staying around in the soil until Spring.

I left one kale plant to see if it will overwinter.  Word is that they’ll be ok…but I’ll see. It’s my big daddy bush…hehe.

My cabbage is looking good…but only two heads left. 

After I harvest it I’ll keep the roots and stems in the garden bed. Supposedly any cabbage parasites will live in the leftover plant until Spring and then they’ll attack any cabbage beetles that might visit when I plant cabbage again. An old wives tale?  I’ll find out.

I’ve cut down the fernlike shoots from the asparagus. Some gardeners don’t cut them, but it does help to control asparagus disease if they’re cut to the soil.

My Brussels sprouts and broccoli are pretty, but only leaves so far!  I don’t think I’ll be getting any edibles from them but I’m just gonna let them stay. It’s late but who knows. Fingers crossed.


All the empty garden beds need to be turned over with a pitchfork. UH UH Roxie. You are NOT allowed up in a garden bed! How does this girl always know when I’m taking a pic and she wants to be in it?!? You’re such a diva.

One last thing…saving all the wood ashes for either the compost bin or sprinkled in the garden beds. Very helpful.

In about one month we’ll be getting snow…so I’d better enjoy my flip flops while I can!

Keep Calm and Garden On!

PS  Hopefully the email subscriptions will go out with this post. It should be fixed. And I just realized today that there is no place to make comments! ARGH! More fixing!

~ Holly




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