OH MY…..I can’t believe that it’s been almost 3 months since my last post.  Ummm…..well yes I can…..sorta.  Life sometimes gets in the way with busy-ness.  Right?  Yep right.

Weather gets in the way…..cold and not garden friendly.

Holidays get in the way…..with parties and get-togethers and decorating and baking and presents and wrapping…..and etc etc etc. Sheesh. 

 I think 2018 will be different…just sayin’.  No….I know 2018 will be different. For me. 

So I leave you now with pretty photos of the snow and a slumbering garden….

…..and hope that 2018 will be fantabulous for you!

And I promise to be a better garden blogger!

Yep I do!

That’s one of my resolutions…..

Never Miss A Thing!

Dsc 7892

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