Hey Gardenistas!

Remember me? The one who disappears for weeks on end? LOL.

I’m back!…and what a long journey for this new website. Live and learn. Not an easy transition, or as easy as I had expected, altho I had a wonderful expert who helped me transfer it…then it was up to me to manage links and learn a new way of doing things.  Still not sure about it all…should I admit to that? I like the cleaner and more updated look, but I’d also like it to have a western/cowgirl kinda look. Maybe I’ll experiment some more with the font & navigation…whatever. It’s kinda like moving to a new house…the first way you decorate usually changes when you live in it for a week. So you might have to suffer along with me on this one…hehe. Since this lil blog is just a fun venture for me I didn’t want to spend thousands for a new look and branding. But that may come in the future.  Changes either take time or money…and I’ve spent enuf for this new look. So it took time.

While I was away from the blog,  I had fun posting on Instagram.  You can see recent photos on the bottom of the home page. I’ve also added an Instagram block…which I love seeing on other blogs.  You can follow me on Instagram for almost daily what-the-heck is going on stuff.

Ok, so without further ado, I will post this and hope you sign up again for email updates. Ya know,  it was a huge disappointment to realize that all your email addresses went poof in cyberspace when I made the change. So come back and see what’s up!

~ Holly





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