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I have something REALLY easy for y’all today.  If you’re like me and like hot {as in spicy hot} food…and grow chile peppers…and have an abundance of them…then here ya go.  This is way too quick and simple to not do.  You can do it when you’re doing ten other things LOL. That’s how we live nowadays, right?!?  {Hey…I like chiles so much that I hang chile lights in the barn!}


OK…any kind of red pepper will do.  Most of my peppers that had enough time to turn red were Anaheim chiles, but I also had a wee bit of cayenne and jalapeno.  So use what ya got.  Mix ’em.  FYI…I’ll be making green chili powder in my next post {I have way too many green chiles this year!}

Rinse chiles, cut off stems…and if you have plenty of time then slice them down the middle to lay flat while drying.  I didn’t have the time…and instead opted to dry them a tad longer. Whatever floats your boat. You can see I had a few green Anaheims…so I went ahead and used them in the mix.


I popped them in my dehydrator at the highest temp of 155 for about 8 hours.  You can also put them in the oven on cookie sheets at 170-200 degrees  for about 6-8 hours. They’re done when they snap easily with your fingers. If not keep drying. You might want to line your cookie sheet with foil 🙂  If you need to turn off your oven or dehydrator before they’re done…no problem. Just continue when you can.  They won’t spoil.  But don’t wait a month…hehe.  I’m just talking a day or so.

Get out your food processor {nope, blenders don’t work well!} and crush the peppers along with the seeds.  You can make it flaky or fine…up to you. You can even use your hands. But do use gloves! These babies will still burn even after drying.  They’ll make you sneeze too if you breathe in the fine pepper dust.


So there ya go…and ya know what I realized when I put them in a jar? What a hot gift {pun intended} this would be for Christmas.  Put in a smaller jar, tie raffia around it, add a label…voila…a wonderful from the garden gift. Got that on my radar for next year now 🙂

Sprinkle on pizza {oh yes, ALWAYS for me} or eggs, add to pasta, chili and Asian cuisine. OH YUM. 

Have a good last weekend of September 🙂

It’s Fall Y’all!




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