Hey, friends!

Only 70 more days until Spring!

How does that grab ya? Makes me smile and gets my planning {and planting} juices going again.

But…this year will be slightly different…I really want to simplify and do a few things really well and not feel scattered and overwhelmed by August.

So…without further ado here is my short list for 2019. 




Oh my, this has been on my radar for years and keeps getting pushed back.

 Not this year.

It’s my most ambitious goal but also the most needed one.

root cellar

It will also require a lot of planning and time and effort and $$. But…what’s the point of growing a bunch of wonderful edibles if you can’t store and save them during the winter?

root cellar

Mr. Denim has already started looking at a bunch of plans for a hill we have.

We hope to break ground by April once the snow is gone.



I’ve failed miserably with a few blueberry bushes in the past…mainly because I just threw them in the ground and neglected them. This time around they need a separate fenced area…probably terraced on a slope.

This project will require  less time and effort and $ than the root cellar, but still it’s substantial.  The berry patch will be the first to get the boot if we run out of time, though.



 The greenhouse is not totally functional and efficient…yet. We grew weary of projects last summer and just let it go.

Our goal is for three season growing {excluding winter}, so some walls must be better insulated and finished. We’ll also add two or three more troughs.



 Something very simple, no hoity toity curves or fancy cuts. Shade is critical in summer so we’ll have a canvas panel roof and for winter a clear polycarbonate roof panel to keep snow off the Adirondack chairs…and us!

Virginia Creeper vines will add softness to posts and roof…and those were already planted last summer in place for the future pergola.

Sometimes I do think ahead!



 Mr. Denim started another garden shed for tools last summer but the winter weather stopped him from finishing. It’ll be easy to do…the hardest part is done. But we’ll also need to extend the garden fence by a few panels to enclose it in the garden area.

garden shed

Whew…I’m tired already just thinking about all this. But we’ll be ready for ’em after we grow weary of cabin fever.

These projects, my friends, is our wish list for this year. If we can get all these done AND grow and harvest a garden I’ll be totally thrilled.

And then ready for a month long vacation somewhere with sand and surf! 😉

Hope you’ll follow along…it’ll be fun!

I’d love to hear about your garden plans this year. Do tell!


PS  Photos not mine were culled from Pinterest long ago…and have since lost the links. Will do better next time!

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