Hello Gardenistas!

Grab your coffee or tea and sit back for oh probably too many photos of the Seattle Garden Show…

it was a visual treat and yet at the same time totally overwhelming…is that possible?

IMG_2665.JPG IMG_2665.JPG

Takeaways…if I could do it over again I would have gone during the week and not on a Saturday.

And next year I’ll spend an extra day to attend seminars.

And I’ll take more notes.

There’s just too much to see and do.

And way too crowded on a weekend.

I thought I took more photos but now I realize I didn’t.

I’ll blame the crowds.

Um…I mean fellow gardening crazies…

IMG_2745.jpg IMG_2745.jpg

Come along with me…let’s get started!

IMG_2693.jpg IMG_2693.jpg

 We were enchanted with America the Beautiful theme gardens this year.

This was “High Desert Beauty”…{as in Oregon high desert}…

IMG_2698.jpg IMG_2698.jpg

Not sure about this one…{translation – I didn’t take notes}…

oh but I’m a sucker for Adirondack chairs…

IMG_2700.jpg IMG_2700.jpg

 the “Tiny Tetons”…

IMG_2705.jpg IMG_2705.jpg

 loved this wood kayak!!! And of course the tulips…my fave flower.

I’d like this for my back yard 🙂

IMG_2704.jpg IMG_2704.jpg

“Southwest Serenity”

{I miss the desert this time of year}

IMG_2717.jpg IMG_2717.jpg

 “From Sea to Shining Sea”

IMG_0435.jpg IMG_0435.jpg

Looks like glamping to me!!!

IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0434.jpg

Too cute!

IMG_0428.jpg IMG_0428.jpg

 Oh my feathered girls would so love this!!!

Well, actually, they probably wouldn’t care…but I think it’s totally hip.

IMG_2677.jpg IMG_2677.jpg

 Fun design everywhere…

IMG_2680.jpg IMG_2680.jpg

 I wanted to take this…

IMG_2689.jpg IMG_2689.jpg

and this home…

IMG_2681.jpg IMG_2681.jpg

and how cool are these lights in this greenhouse?

Hmmm…I think I’ve seen similar lights at Target or Lowe’s….I’ll have to check it out soon.

IMG_2688.jpg IMG_2688.jpg

 Mr. Denim went nuts over this cedar greenhouse…{no that’s not him}

IMG_0439.JPG IMG_0439.JPG

love these round aluminum troughs…

IMG_2690.jpg IMG_2690.jpg

and I think I want to make this strawberry box…it was at a booth for DunnDIY.com…they have good ideas!

IMG_2667.JPG IMG_2667.JPG

Cute garden decor…

IMG_2674.jpg IMG_2674.jpg

 cool birdhouses on top shelf…and witty signs…

IMG_2721.jpg IMG_2721.jpg


IMG_2710.jpg IMG_2710.jpg

Loved these heirloom-quality wood garden tools made in Montana …

IMG_2682.jpg IMG_2682.jpg

and of course Lee Valley for the {expensive} ultimate in garden tools.

IMG_2711.jpg IMG_2711.jpg

 All kinds of living green things to buy…

IMG_0436.jpg IMG_0436.jpg

artsy salmon to display in your garden…

IMG_2713.jpg IMG_2713.jpg

 wish now that I would have bought this sign…

IMG_2714.jpg IMG_2714.jpg

succulents by the dozens…

IMG_2716.jpg IMG_2716.jpg

cute displays…

IMG_2730.jpg IMG_2730.jpg

and of course seeds and more seeds…

IMG_2726.jpg IMG_2726.jpg

 in the vintage marketplace area…

IMG_2728.jpg IMG_2728.jpg

this totally caught my eye…well duh…COLOR!

IMG_2731.jpg IMG_2731.jpg

Almost bought this $25 tray but thought we could make one or three instead 😉

IMG_2733.jpg IMG_2733.jpg

 decorative birdhouse stakes…and lily bulbs…

IMG_2736.jpg IMG_2736.jpg

and oh my…Mr. Denim went nuts {again} over this…

IMG_2741.jpg IMG_2741.jpg

so guess what we brought home?

You gotta see my post soon about his 1,000 new pet worms…

IMG_2759.jpg IMG_2759.jpg

After a long and busy day at the show we enjoyed a meal at our favorite place in Gig Harbor {across Puget Sound}.

IMG_2774.jpg IMG_2774.jpg

Then just HAD to take the Bainbridge Island ferry back to Seattle.

My absolute favorite $20 splurge.

IMG_2790.jpg IMG_2790.jpg

 It doesn’t get any better than this…

IMG_2799.jpg IMG_2799.jpg


IMG_2807.JPG IMG_2807.JPG

 Thanks for a fun weekend!


This is our month to really get started 🙂

Never Miss A Thing!

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