About Holly

Hi!  I’m Holly…and I’m glad you’re here!

My garden and I live way up in North Idaho {zone 6 in a good year} near Sandpoint. A short growing season.  Which makes it even more fun. You gardeners know what I mean.

I’m totally crazy about my HAPPY PLACE…my garden, of course…and being surrounded by my veggies and herbs. Sometimes I even talk to them.

I am all about simplicity and “do what you love, love what you do” mantra. No foofoo nonsense for me.  Gotta be do-able and easy. And CUTE too! Who’s got time for all work and no play? Not me.

I like to shake things up in the garden…nothing wrong with trying new things…plants or projects or paint. So I do. Life can get boring if you do the same thing year after year.  Am I right?

Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t You never know until you just do it. But it’s all fun. As it should be. This ain’t rocket science.

I haven’t always lived here…I’m a native Cali girl who loved the desert so much that I escaped to Arizona’s magnificent red sunsets and summer thunderstorms and cactus landscapes.  Arizona was nice…but…there’s just so much air conditioning a girl can take. Even with pools and palm trees. Ever touch a 150 degree steering wheel? Try it. It ain’t fun. For 20+ years.

Mr. Denim…my better half and partner in garden grime…has been right there with me on this life journey. He makes me laugh…and his motto is “happy wife, happy life”…hehe. I joke about that, but luckily he and I are pretty much on the same wavelength.

So we hightailed it to Idaho seven years ago. And we love it here. Snow and all.

And the the name Dirt & Denim? I always find myself up to my elbows in garden dirt and wearing denim. Ain’t got time to be dressy. Nuff said.

Follow along and see what escapades I get into next…and let me know your garden thrills too. We all have something to share. Life is an adventure. Let’s do this!


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