About Mr. Denim

So…you wanna know about Mr. Denim?  Okie dokie…here goes…

On this blog I’ve always affectionately referred to my better half {the go-to-DIY guy, the believer in “happy wife, happy life” guy, the “I’ll do it” guy} as Mr. Denim. He kinda wanted to be anonymous and behind-the-scenes in the past…hmmmm…was that so he couldn’t be blamed for any measure twice, cut once mistakes?

Whatever the reason, he’s more into gardening lately {he even took the Master Gardener class with me…yay!} and has big plans to help me out with videos…and hey, maybe I’ll even get a written post out of him now and then.

So…here’s…Mike! Yep, he does have a name. Although…I still might call him Mr. Denim every now and then…just to keep him guessing. Gotta have some fun in this life game…am I right?

In our previous {rat race} life in Arizona, he flew the big jets as a Captain with USAir {Airbus 320 for you pilot aficionados} but much prefers the simple life here in Idaho now.

He’s an enthusiastic bicyclist, woodworker, kayaker, drummer in a rock ‘n roll garage band {actually our barn}, yada yada yada…and just loves to learn how to do anything that he hasn’t done before.  So don’t ever tell him that he can’t do anything. He’ll simply say that there’s gotta be a YouTube video for that. And he’ll find it. HA.

Oh…and did I mention that he has a wicked sense of humor? He keeps me laughing ALL.THE.TIME.

But he’d better leave time in his busy day for the garden…hehe.

I think he will. My kinda guy.

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