There is some interesting “information” out there in cyberspace about bell peppers and their bumps.

Have you seen it?

garden bell peppers

Basically, the claim is that by looking at the bumps, or lobes, on the bottom of a bell pepper you can tell if it’s male or female and the resulting difference in taste.

green bell peppers

The females supposedly have four bumps and are sweeter and best eaten raw.  The males supposedly have three bumps and are better baked or stir fried.

cut bell peppers

Don’t fall for it.  I did at one time. 

Bell peppers are unisex. The flower that they form from is hermaphroditic, meaning that it has both male and female reproductive systems.

red-green-yellow bell peppers

The taste will usually reflect the soil and weather conditions in which it was grown. And by the way, the longer you let a bell pepper grow it will turn to yellow and red…and sweeter! There are no red or yellow or green bell pepper varieties, only ones that ripen quicker for different color.

And just to throw this out, bell peppers can have from two to five bumps. 

garden peppers 2018

Good to remember not to believe everything you read or see 😉

Now you can tell all your foodie friends that you learned something new today.

Have a good Wednesday wherever you are 🙂



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