Seems that I’m not the only one around posting about garlic scapes.  Tis the season.

But just in case you’re a garlic aficionado and have scapes growing and want to use them and don’t know a darn thing about pesto {glad my high school English teacher didn’t see that sentence}…you’ve come the right place.

 IMG 0254

I never ever knew about garlic scapes until last year. And I’ve never made garlic scape pesto until this summer. It’s easy!

If you grow hardneck garlic you’ll get a curly stalk growing from the plant.  Weirdness at its finest.

IMG 0258

When you see these wacko curlicues it’s a good idea to cut them off.

IMG 0259

They’re really the flower buds of the stalk, but they never grow flowers. More weirdness.

IMG 0265

It’s said that cutting off these curly shoots help the garlic bulbs in the ground to grow larger with more robust flavor.

IMG 0267

So…OK…I did it. First time ever. I’m new to this garlic scape stuff.

IMG 3509

I made the recipe below…and at first I just put it in a plastic container and tossed it into the freezer for later {best if eaten within two weeks, if not then freeze}.

You can find an abundance of garlic scape pesto recipes online…I made this one from 2 SISTERS GARLIC…without the walnuts {forgot to buy!}. And use the flower bud too.

Garlic Scape Pesto 

1 pound garlic scapes 1 cup grated parmesan cheese Olive oil (about 1/2 to 1 cup) 2 Tbls lemon juice (optional) ½ cup Walnuts (optional)


Chop the garlic scapes into 3 inch lengths. Put it in the food processor and process until pureed. Add the parmesan and walnuts and process until smooth. Add lemon juice then slowly add the olive oil as the food processor runs and continue until all the oil is combined into the garlic. Store in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or freeze.

Pesto is wonderful on bread, sandwiches, pasta, foccacia, or on meat such as chicken and fish.

You can find more of their garlic scape recipes here

IMG 3535

 Of course…Murphy’s Law…after I froze the pesto I read that it would be ideal to make smaller sizes so you can pop one out for individual use and not have to thaw all the pesto at once. DUH.

I wasn’t sure if a mini-cupcake tin or plastic ice cube tray would work better so I tried them both.

I sprayed olive oil on the trays for easy removal and also again on the top of pesto once I spooned it in {supposedly oil on top will keep it from turning darker}.

IMG 3537

 The results of my tray experiment?

Very easy with ice cube tray, not so easy with muffin tin even tho non-stick. I had to let them thaw just a tad to get them to pop out with a knife.

But they’re all now frozen in smaller pieces in a baggie.

IMG 0263

Now go cut your scapes and mix up a batch of pesto!

 I haven’t tried the pesto yet other than taste testing {YUM!} so I’ll let you know how it is soon...I just haven’t decided what to slather it on.

If only it would go on scrambled eggs.  I have a lot of eggs :)