I had some broccoli from the garden…not much {getting too hot}...but I knew I wouldn’t be eating it this week.  I could either dehydrate it or freeze it. looks yellow in this pic...but I assure you it wasn't.

DSC 0543

 I figured we'd be eating it within the month so I decided to freeze it. Very easy.

But you just can’t cut it up and freeze it.  You need to blanche it first.  Otherwise it’ll turn brown. Yuck.

DSC 0549

Enter my ritzy “cowgirl kitchen” out in the “barn”…no, it’s not a real barn with sheep and goats…it just looks like one from the outside. Clever disguise.

My “kitchen” inside is just a bunch of cabinets from Lowe’s, a sink with faucet, a hotplate and oh so luxurious formica. Ha. You can see glimpses of it here.

It’s great for basic garden necessities. And rinsing produce.

OK…now back to blanching.

DSC 0551

 Get the water boiling. Add broccoli. Set timer for 3 minutes.

And…oooops….I forgot to take pics of the next step…so use your imagination. I’ve been really good at this step, right?!? Ahem.

After 3 minutes empty broccoli into colander, put colander into bowl full of extremely cold water {you can even put ice in the water}…let cool for about 3 minutes.

DSC 0552

And voila…you’ve got broccoli ready to dry and freeze.

BTW...I absolutely LOVE this produce drying pad I picked up at Walmart about 6 months ago.  It was one of those things that you don’t know if you’ll use it or not.  I use it a lot. I think I need about 3 more. I just looked on Amazon and they have it here.

OK…so dry the broccoli…I actually put some paper towels on the top and then rolled up the pad.

 DSC 0556

When dry just put in a freezer ziploc baggie. Make sure you squish most of the air out of it.

You can always vacuum seal too, but since I think I’ll be eating it soon I just used a baggie.

 PS…you use these same steps for dehydrating.  Cut up the broccoli into 1” florets. Do not use stems….they’re too tough. Dry in dehydrator @ 130 degrees for 6-8 hours. I always vacuum seal when I dehydrate.