Seems like I've been waiting forever to harvest my garlic.  Here it is July and I planted it last September……{9 months+}……time to get it out of the ground! IMG 1976

Garlic growing is not for the impatient.  Which I am.   I.LOVE.GARLIC.  Understatement of the year.

IMG 3482

You wouldn't think that my precious garlic would be happy under a foot of snow during the winter. But it was ……and here it is happily thawing out in February.

IMG 1418

I planted four different kinds…... Early Italian Purple, Inchelium Red, German Red and…….um…… that will remain nameless because I forgot to write down what it was.  Live and learn.

IMG 1937

Now they're hanging happily under the barn eaves for a few weeks to air dry.

IMG 1964

Garlic marinara sauce will be on the menu soon……uncork the Merlot!