What a week it has been with these girls.  They sucked me in with their soft clucks and pretty eggs…and I let them get away with way too much.

IMG 2671

Yes, I’m talking about you! 

IMG 2480

 They loved taking sun baths against the warm under-construction wall of the new greenhouse.

IMG 2535

They came and pecked at my garden boots…only to discover that the flowers tasted like rubber. 

IMG 2691

 Now here’s where the girls got my dander up.  But it’s my silly fault...

IMG 2692

I put out some kale seedlings to get some sun/shade... 

IMG 2694

and left them outside while we had dinner.  And I returned to find half of the kale pecked to bits like grasshoppers had visited!  ARGH! Sometimes I just forget that they’re chickens and that they’ll eat anything...

IMG 2683

 like my garden beds…this should be full of Austrian pea leaves…but they’ve scratched and pecked it all. 

IMG 2673

You girls are just like deer.  I’ve gotta remember that from now on!  The garden is off limits next week. Uh…I guess I mean tomorrow.

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