Let me start at the beginning…... DSC 5410

A long, long time ago…..well, actually one year…..I found a beautiful baby chick and just had to have her.

IMG 4181

She was one of these and would lay blue green eggs.

DSC 5431

She was so foo foo and girly….."mascara and eyeliner” around her eyes, fluffy feminine feathers and a cool racing stripe down her back ……exotic indeed.

IMG 1360

She was so  darn cute!


I named her after the millionaire’s wife on Gilligan’s Island…..Mrs. Thurston Howell III…….and Thurston always affectionately called her Lovey.  Don’t they look like twins?!? (THX Robbie for the photo!)

DSC 6936

This chicky grew up to be one very determined and fussy lady.  She loved to cluck her way through the day and got all the girls flustered with her antics.  LOOK AT ME…..she loved the spotlight.

DSC 8064

Well, she still does it but we love her and her silly nonsense anyway.  She does her own thing and she’s not to be messed with.

DSC 8058

This morning she jumped the chicken yard fence and is having  fun in my garden.  All by her lonesome self. Strutting her stuff. She’s still there teasing all the girls through the fence.  She thinks she’s pretty important and special. Unique is the word.

DSC 8065

And I have to agree…..I love her colorful eggs!  You go girl!