Last winter I was dreaming of garden gates…like this one...


 or this one...


 or even this one.


I just wanted something simple to show the garden entrance. Like a painted front door that says Welcome, come in here.

 One day last week Mr. Denim decided to get right on it {his exact words}…

but we had a slight design dilemma in that the current gate posts were too short for a high trellis over the gate.

Remodeling is always more frustrating than building new.  And we didn’t want to remove the current posts.

 That’s called work.

IMG 3641

 So he decided to place longer cedar 2 x 4s alongside the current shorter posts to make them higher for the future trellis. And he added another 4 x 4 inside on the top of the current posts.

.IMG 3645

 Once the vines grow around it you won’t even notice that it’s faked, right? Right!

IMG 3656

Finished but not totally finished.

IMG 3674

 Some stain...

IMG 3680

and it looks like a pretty good fool-your-eye fake.

IMG 3692

 {Ahem…looks like someone needs to mow the lawn}…but the gate is looking good...

DSC 9965

We’re not quite done…need to add some slats…{dohickys I call ‘em}... across the top…

and for depth perhaps two more posts outside of the garden fence for future lattice.

The posts may not come ’til next summer. That’s called work.

DSC 9967

The hops vines are growing like weeds.

DSC 9971

 exactly what I’ve been waiting for...

DSC 9973

...better get Mr. Denim out there soon to put on some dohickys before the vines overtake it.

Ya think he’ll get right on it before winter comes?!?