Hello garden friends!  Yes…too much time in the garden this week…in the sun and fair weather...and not enough time in front of my computer posting. Better late than never, right? Right?!?

DSC 9451

Ah well…it’s summer {not exactly June 21 but at least it feels like it here} so we all should be outside enjoying the shorts & sandals weather!

IMG 3337

Thought I’d take you for a photo spin around the garden.  Remember…this is north Idaho…not California…so my lovely veggies are just getting started. I have harvested some baby lettuce but that’s about all so far.

IMG 3429

 One of my next to-dos is to add a bit more slate to the garden pathway…the grass tends to get pretty worn in well-walked areas. But it’s a real pain…so I’ll do it when I’m in the mood.

IMG 3341

 My herbs are doing nicely.

IMG 3347

 The parsley is finally growing around Mr. Moose…but a bit thin...

DSC 9459

Lots of bumblebees on the chive flowers!

IMG 3350

THE BAD & UGLY…this trough full of mint is a dud this year.  It has regrown for several years…but not this year.  I’ll be pulling it out and putting something else in.

IMG 3370

 Ahhhh…beautiful romaine…and Mrs. Meyer Lemon Tree in her pot  in the background is finally enjoying the outdoors.

IMG 3372

Napa cabbage is growing like weeds...I am stunned by the lack of slugs {knock on wood} this year.  I’m thinking perhaps that letting the girls scratch and peck in the garden in early Spring was a good thing!  I couldn’t grow one silly cabbage last year with all the slugs.

IMG 3376

 THE BAD…spinach in left row...can you see anything?  They were there!  Thinking it’s getting too hot but even so it should be growing and bolting.  The dahlias given to me by my neighbor Queen of Birds are near the fence and doing fine.

IMG 3368

B.O.R.I.N.G. & B.L.A.H.  Asparagus planted here…patience required!

IMG 3358

 Potatoes poking up.

IMG 3364

 Walla Walla onions.

IMG 3354

I’m trying out these cucumber trellises for the first time this summer.  The vines are supposed to trail up and the cukes will hang down. It sure sounds good. I’ll let you know how it works.

IMG 3387

Tomatoes in foreground and chile peppers in background.  Tomatoes will be thinned as they grow and replanted where lettuce is now.

IMG 3388

 Lettuce and spinach in foreground.

IMG 3395

THE BAD... my pole beans and sugar peas and two little bush beans are VERY unhappy.  You can maybe see that I pulled some out and planted potatoes in right background. Argh!!!

IMG 3402

 Now…here’s THE UGLY.  UGLY of UGLIES. Oh my how I hate this! Thought I’d try a new way of growing potatoes…the idea is to add more soil and boards as they grow up. But call me silly…this thing looks like an unfinished building project {duh, which it certainly is}. I had asked Mr. Denim to make a total of four of these but once he made this I halted the whole growing experiment. Not his fault. It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right?!?

IMG 3405

 Sweet bell peppers.

IMG 3428

A bit of THE UGLY...I think I need to throw some grass seed down.  Ugh on the brown.

IMG 3417

 Tomatillos! I’m gonna learn how to make salsa verde this summer. YES!

IMG 3406

 My latest project…Mr. Denim ripped some cedar 2 x 4s he had laying around for 6’ poles…I spray painted ‘em green {yes I want them to blend in}…and planted 4-6 pole bean seeds at the base of each pole. I’m hoping that the beans will eventually shade the broccoli…if it lasts that long!

DSC 9478

 Very small florets! Keep growing please!

IMG 3421

 I scattered a bunch of wildflower seeds in this red trough…and added some planters under the chicken coop windows.

IMG 3416

 Quinault strawberries will soon be cascading down.

IMG 3378

This warm microclimate against the future greenhouse is great for chiles…Serrano, Anaheim and Jalapeño. More salsa!

IMG 3283

And last, but not least, Roman the Garden Dog stopping by for a drink from the fountain.  Silly boy!

IMG 3254

Nice thing about a garden is that it’s fluid…it can go from BAD & UGLY to GOOD really fast.

 I have yet to plant squash and more bush beans…and I’d better get to that pronto.

Hope your garden is thriving & happy!  {Send me your photos and I'll post for all of us to see!}


PS...Mr. Denim is turning another year older you Garden Guy! I couldn't do this without you!