Harumph…things only go smoothly for so long.  We had a hiccup on the ol’ chickenstead a few weeks ago.

SOMEBODY was laying wavy eggs!

IMG 3024

 Like this. Cute, huh?

IMG 3188

I narrowed it down to one of the identical twin chicks…the Barred Rock {black & white}…but just which one I’ll never know.

Maybe I should paint their nails so I know who is who.

IMG 3025

After a few days of these oddball eggs I realized it might not be a one-time deal.

IMG 3033

So I pulled out my four chicken books…and you know what?  I was surprised that none of them mentioned wavy eggshells!

Who woulda thought?!?


Thank goodness for the internet and (Dr.} Google…in one minute flat I had my answer…not enough calcium.

IMG 3027

I hightailed it to the local feed store and bought more for the girls…

IMG 3029

...it’s amazing they can digest these hard pieces.

IMG 3200

After one week all was calm and all was back to normal.

IMG 3010

Now if I could just figure out how to deal with these flying stinging critters once and for all…

…if it’s not one thing it’s another!