It’s November now {crazy, huh}…and that means the garden is slowing down a LOT!

Of course it has everything to do with being way up north in cold country.

DSC 3854

The asparagus finally turned yellow...

DSC 3857

so it was time to trim it to 2” high and let it slumber until Spring.

DSC 3859

Next year it’ll be ready to enjoy.

DSC 3939

Until now it’s just been taking up space.

DSC 3932

 I put straw down over my planted garlic…and yes, the farm store GUARANTEED it was SEEDLESS.

DSC 3929

 Oh yeah?!? Just look at those cute little sprouts...hehe. That ain’t garlic.

DSC 3936

 The cabbage is doing well. I see corned beef and cabbage soon...yay!

DSC 3937

 Broccoli plants look healthy and normal…but there is absolutely no broccoli anywhere! Harumph! I’ll keep waiting.

DSC 3927

 In all of the other empty beds I planted hairy vetch for an overwinter crop.

The chickens love it…so in the Spring they’ll have lots of fun gorging when I allow them to scratch and peck in the garden.

In the meantime I treat them occasionally to cuttings.

DSC 3928

At least it looks like everything’s not dead…haha.

DSC 3918

 From inside my cowgirl kitchen in the “barn” I can look out to the greenhouse and thru it...

DSC 3920

and see how warm it is compared to outside.

DSC 3912

Kale seedlings are now in the greenhouse acclimating to cooler temps.

DSC 3914

 Log stumps are still drying.

DSC 3894

 This is the time of year for plenty of fog...

DSC 3885


DSC 3867


DSC 3870

winter’s coming...

DSC 3899

but Roman absolutely dislikes the shorter days. Sorry big guy!

PS  I do too…but you’ll be enjoying the snow soon. Then you’ll be Snow Dog.