While in the garden last Thursday…pulling weeds…something more exciting happened.

IMG 0195

It was the sweet serendipity of being in the right place at the right time.

IMG 0137

Mr. Denim called me over to the fence…his sharp 20/20 eyes catching something move in the distance.

Do you see those two brown blobs on the other side of the pond? Look closely.

IMG 0139

There’s Mama Moose...

IMG 0141

 with Baby Moose!

IMG 0143

{Obedient} Baby follows her...

IMG 0153

as Mama stops to munch.

 IMG 0156

{Now Disobedient} Baby: I wanna play!

IMG 0160

 Mama: Hold your horses girly…uh I mean mooses.

IMG 0161

 Baby: You’re no fun! I see a human I want to play with. And she looks friendly.

IMG 0163

Mama: C’mon...I know a better place to play.  I don’t like that human watching us. Friendly or not.

IMG 0192

Friendly Human {me}:  I’ll be waiting...and watching through the fence…to see you both again, Mama & Baby. 

See you soon!

Nature can be so cool with a front row seat!