DSC 6115 This is me today.  Why?  Glad you asked……..

DSC 6104

Because of this really cool garlic braid I saw and bought at a local grocery.  And because I thought I could make my own.  I mean……..how hard can it be?

.DSC 6107

Seems I forgot a few things.  Like letting my garlic air dry too long.

DSC 6109

Like letting the stalks get too hard and unpliable. DUH. Is unpliable a word?  It is for me.

DSC 6112

So I thought…….OK…….I'll let the stalks soak in water and become pliable.  Didn't happen.

DSC 6117

They're back hangin' just like before.  Word to the wise…….braid them within three days of harvesting.  Nuff said.