What can I say? It was a fine day yesterday for Mr. Denim. Yes indeedy.

I was just the photographer.

DSC 0689

 He got a new toy…

DSC 0687

…well, not new, but it sure looks that way.

DSC 0688

 Seems that my neighbor’s {Queen of Baking} hubby decided to upgrade his John Deere…

DSC 0680

 …so his “old” one {in these pics} was just waiting for a new home.

With us.

DSC 0667

 At least that’s what Mr. Denim thought. He had a gazillion reasons why he needs this baby.

DSC 0662

 She’s pretty…

DSC 0660

 …with vibrant colors…

DSC 0651

 …and plenty of buttons to push…

DSC 0694

…and things that move up and down…

DSC 0639

…and that silly deer.

DSC 0640

 Maybe someday I’ll go for a spin on her…

DSC 0643

 …but for now Mr. Denim can have her all to himself.

DSC 0691

Nothing will top this event for awhile.

We’re talking his world, not mine.

DSC 0695

Ain’t she cute?

Can’t wait to see what she can do.

Ya hear that, Mr. Denim?

{He has no idea of the plans I’ve got cooking for him and that adorable tractor…hehe}