Say what?!?  Chitting potatoes? What’s that? Exactly my thoughts two years ago.

IMG 2852

It sounded so weird…and I even looked it up in the dictionary…CHIT…TO CHIT…CHITTING…nothing!!! {that made gardening sense}

IMG 2853

Whatever.  My gardening books say you should “chit“ potatoes before planting…

IMG 2854

which simply means to stand them upright in a warm and dark place with the eyes (buds) pointing upwards.

IMG 2855

Supposedly potatoes that have been chitted will grow much faster than unchitted ones after planting. OK…got that.

IMG 2856

Yesterday I bought some Yukon Gold and Norland Red potato “seeds” {oh here’s another term…seed potatoes…ones which have eyes growing}

IMG 2857

Last year I was able to buy smaller seed potatoes…this year some of them are huge…

IMG 2858

so I put them in egg cartons with spacing between them ‘cause they’re so big.

IMG 2860

I do need to mention that you can’t just buy regular potatoes at Safeway or wherever…stores treat potatoes with something to prevent eyes growing.  You will need to buy “seed” potatoes from a nursery or feed store.

IMG 2859

Here I’ve put my seed potatoes on the top of a freezer in the barn.  It’s warmish but not too dark. It should be dark.

IMG 2861

So I’ve put on a shade screen to keep them “darkish”…and they’ll be ready to plant in 2-4 weeks.  NIghty night potatoes.

IMG 4395

Flash back to last year…here is a photo from from May 2013 of my seed potatoes being planted in two 4 x 8 beds…and all summer I regretted the space they took up.  Many gardeners say not to even ever plant potatoes…’cause they’re cheap enough at the store.

IMG 4393

But IMHO…I wanna know how to grow ’em!

IMG 4396

This year {um…like in a few weeks} I’m gonna have Mr. Denim make two of these:

I’ll post soon about making them…and if they’re worth the effort. You never know until you do it!

Happy weekend!