We got dumped on last night…

DSC_6454.jpg DSC_6454.jpg

lots of snow…

DSC_6472.jpg DSC_6472.jpg

yep, these are my snow boots sinking into about a foot of the white stuff.

DSC_6431.jpg DSC_6431.jpg

Extremely pretty…

DSC_6461.JPG DSC_6461.JPG

 postcard perfect…

DSC_6484.jpg DSC_6484.jpg

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

DSC_6458.JPG DSC_6458.JPG

Trees across the pond…

IMG_1423.jpg IMG_1423.jpg

Roman The Garden Dog enjoying a morning stroll…

DSC_6423.jpg DSC_6423.jpg

and the peaceful garden.

DSC_6470.jpg DSC_6470.jpg

 But getting to the point of this post…hehe…

Riley The City Dog {visiting from Seattle} is enjoying getting to know snow.

Here he watches from inside.

IMG_1415.jpg IMG_1415.jpg

 He was pampered at Petco yesterday…

DSC_6591.jpg DSC_6591.jpg

 then today enjoyed playing in the cold white stuff!

DSC_6607.jpg DSC_6607.jpg

 All dressed up for Christmas, right Riley?

{for you doggie buffs…..he’s a French Bulldog…originally named Oreo for obvious reasons…but then name was changed to Riley…

he didn’t want a cutesie name when he was all grown-up and oh-so-sophisticated }

DSC_6631.jpg DSC_6631.jpg

 He can’t quite believe it’s up to his shoulders…

DSC_6602.jpg DSC_6602.jpg

 but he’s totally into it!

DSC_6653.jpg DSC_6653.jpg

He annoys Roman at times… after all he is only 9 months and Roman is 9 years…

DSC_6657.jpg DSC_6657.jpg

 but his playful nature and joie de vivre have totally won us country folk over!

DSC_6661.jpg DSC_6661.jpg

Roman gets a kick out of watching him run through the snow.

DSC_6594.jpg DSC_6594.jpg

Welcome to Idaho, Riley!  Enjoy your visit!

PS…the days are getting longer now Gardenistas!  Almost garden time!