It’s HOT, y’all!!!!

Insanely scorcher hot for North Idaho!

Especially since a/c is not standard here…heck, it’s usually jeans and boots weather.

But we deal with this every now and then.

It’s just not usually in the triple digits.

Kinda takes the fun out of gardening.

OK…enough of my whining. 

The garden dogs {Roxie & Riley} get hosed down a lot 🙂

They love being drenched.

So…let me take you on a quick tour of the garden in August…

this isn’t everything…didn’t think you’d sit through 50 photos…but here’s a quick sampler.

It has actually been a strange summer…what has grown easily in the past…potatoes, onions, garlic…has not done well this year.

And veggies I’ve NEVER been able to grow are growing like weeds…butternut squash, corn, zucchini!!!!  YAY! 

Go figure.

Although…I miss my Yukon gold potatoes and Walla Walla onions!

I have four different kinds of corn…oh yum…

Tomatoes are taking a loooooong time to ripen!  This trough is Mr. Denim’s experiment {cough, cough} in the greenhouse with shade cloth. He thought they would grow like crazy. Well, grow they did…but with very few tomatoes.

We shoulda made a bet on that one 🙂

I totally forgot to plant one of my faves…snow peas…this is how far they are now.


I doubt I’ll get any.

Winter’s coming 😉.

Since I’ve never been able to grow butternut I didn’t know how it would take over everything!

 Next year I’ll be older and wiser.

Armenian and Marketmore cucumbers are doing well on their trellises.

Can’t have summer without this, right? 

Mr. Denim might have a meltdown if he didn’t have his sun tea every day.

The hazy sky {forest fire smoke} makes for delightful sunsets.

That kinda sounds weird, huh? I don’t want fires!

Stay cool, friends!

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