Hi, friends!

All’s well and good here at the gardenstead.

My little seedlings are coming up fast!


But…do I dare admit that I already have garden fatigue and I haven’t even planted anything in the garden yet?


Yep…I admit it.

shishito peppers

This is not something that an avid gardener should say…or even think…am I right?

But I look at the garden now and see all the work involved very soon…and I just wanna run!!!


So…I’ve decided to cut way back on veggies and plant more flowers.



I absolutely need color in my life…it makes me smile.

And when I think of August heat and harvesting veggies…no thank you…at least this summer.


I’ll not plant veggies that I can get in the summer for a dime a dozen.

I’m talking zucchini, potatoes, corn and green beans.

It doesn’t even feel right to do this…but garden burnout is real.


I will be planting cucumbers, herbs, a few varieties of tomatoes and tomatillos {salsa!}, romaine, bell peppers, sugar peas, and hot pepper chiles {cayenne, jalapeno, shishito, serrano}…still thinking about onions.


This summer I vow not to be a slave to the garden…

but to enjoy it more.

And if that involves just sitting and watching butterflies, then well that’s fine and dandy too. 

Busyness is not all it’s cracked up to be.

garden bouquet

Guess you could say it’s time to be more deliberate how I spend my time.


And dandelions are good with me too!

Maybe I’ll just be a happy hippy flower child this summer.

Nuff said.

PS…I will be planting my tried and true flowers…sunflowers of all sizes, nasturtium, sweet alyssum and marigolds. Would love some more ideas from you.

Please do tell!



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