Hey gardenistas!

 Are you getting back into the swing of things after a long holiday weekend?  Me neither.

Which is one reason why I dragged Mr. Denim on a garden tour on Sunday.

I didn’t want to work in my garden…but instead look at others’ gardens.

Screen Shot 2014 07 08 at 4 11 41 PM

Twelve miles east of Sandpoint is the quaint town of Hope.  It used to be a bustling railroad hub…these days it’s known as the “banana belt” of Lake Pend Oreille.

IMG 9026

 So off we went to have a look…it’s kinda like looking in someone else’s closet, right? We can be snoopy and see how other gardeners do their thing.

IMG 8992

 OK…I’ll shut up now.

But I should warn you that some of these pics taken on my iPhone were accidentally shot in the wrong mode…so they look like old faded photos. Argh!

I was too busy looking at everything and didn’t notice my mistake. Whatever.

Enjoy the photo tour!

IMG 8991

IMG 0139

IMG 0142

IMG 8995

IMG 0153

IMG 9002

IMG 9006

IMG 0155

IMG 0157

IMG 9012

IMG 9017

IMG 9025

IMG 9029

 Pallet raised beds…

IMG 9032

…by a stream.

IMG 9041

IMG 0176

 Oink oink.

IMG 0198

IMG 0203

IMG 0205

IMG 3730

IMG 3732

IMG 3734

IMG 3735

IMG 3744

IMG 3754

IMG 3755

IMG 3756

IMG 3764

IMG 3768

IMG 3769

 Can I come over and hang out under your vines?

IMG 3771