Hi Friends!

Do you remember the Y2K hype and heading into the year 2000? Can you believe it’s now 2019?

{WARNING: random recent photos & graphics…they make me smile…that’s all}

I hope that 2018 was good for you and that 2019 will be even better.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned…it’s to make your own happiness…’cause the world ain’t gonna do it for ya…with all the craziness out there. And crazy it is, no matter which side or sides you’re on.

 Nuff said about all that nonsense, right?

I still haven’t TOTALLY narrowed down the direction of this blog…but boy do I have some awesome ideas…so I’m just gonna go with my gut and keep writing and showing what I think is fun and useful.

 We could all use more of both.

I will probably include more garden to {picnic} table recipes and cowgirl kitchen sips & snacks.

I am NOT into fancy.

And ya know what, your stomach doesn’t know the difference… {well…usually}…but it’s still a good thing to enjoy what you eat!

Life is short and no one wants to eat oatmeal three times a day.

Am I right?

I also want to show my favorites every now and then…whether it’s for the garden or foodie utensils/cookware or anything else that piques my interest.

I don’t know about you but I do pay attention to recommendations.  Do you do that on Amazon or other websites? I do…for sure.

I know that you can always Google “how to grow tomatoes”…so that’s not my MO for this blog.

But I’m thinking that I will profile more cold weather and short season growing…because, after all, that’s where I live!

Mr. Denim wants to get our YouTube channel going with a bunch of “how to” videos.

With a {sometimes} slow internet connection here in North Idaho, I don’t watch many videos. Buffering drives me crazy.

 But I get it that many of you do watch videos. So there ya go. Your wish is my command.

My next post will be about all the exciting projects I have planned for the garden this year.

You might need them too in your garden.

 I’ll be posting more often.


Last but not least…two good ahas for 2019… 😉

…taped to my cowgirl kitchen chalkboard cupboards…

…I see these everyday…


Let’s all make this a good New Year!

Happy 2019!!!








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