Good morning, gardenistas!

Hope you had a great last weekend of April…’cause now it’s FINALLY May!

The sweet spot month up here in far north Idaho.

The month of the last frost {hopefully}.

The month to get things cranking.

fullsizeoutput_113a.jpeg fullsizeoutput_113a.jpeg

It’s too cold for flowers outside now, but I’m enjoying the 16 geraniums that my neighbor Queen of Birds threw my way.

She’s also Queen of Flowers 🙂

She said when temps get over 50 degrees they’ll be fine outside.

So I keep waiting.

fullsizeoutput_10f9.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10f9.jpeg

Fluff aside, let’s get down to business.

Chitting potatoes…and my problems this year with them!

fullsizeoutput_1135.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1135.jpeg

These are actually organic red potatoes I bought at the store…to eat…and then they started sprouting before we ate them :/

So…why not use them in the garden?  Experiment #1.

DSC_9294.JPG DSC_9294.JPG

I cut the larger potatoes in half as long as they had eyes on each piece…and within a week they started getting moldy and fuzzy fungusy (my new word).

Was about to throw them out but Google said I could probably grow them just fine.  Experiment #2.

DSC_9298.JPG DSC_9298.JPG

I’m not planting as many this year so this bed was chosen.

DSC_9302.JPG DSC_9302.JPG

In the ground they went on April 6, with hoops overhead as a last minute barrier to save them from Roxie’s digging.

There has been no growth coming up, so yesterday I decided to pull one up to see if they were mushy and dead, or alive and well.

IMG_8004.JPG IMG_8004.JPG

Voila! Roots growing!

fullsizeoutput_1138.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1138.jpeg

Back in the ground it went.

fullsizeoutput_1139.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1139.jpeg

In the interim, we had to change out the hoops for a wire barrier in the bed, and also a whole new project for Mr. Denim…

fullsizeoutput_1136.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1136.jpeg

so this wouldn’t keep happening.

IMG_8008.JPG IMG_8008.JPG

Still not done with the “doggie fence”…Mr. Denim’s busy season is just getting started!

Never Miss A Thing!

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