My garlic was starting to look pretty ratty…so last week I decided it was time to dig ‘em up.

IMG 3872

 When the bottom leaves start turning brown that’s your clue to harvest them.

The top parts can still be green.

IMG 3874

 July and August are the usual months for harvesting garlic…just depends on your growing zone.

IMG 3876

 Use a trowel to dig them up…don’t pull them with your hands.

IMG 3877

Hello garlic!

IMG 3882

Resist the temptation to wash them {my mistake last year}…just rub the dirt off…otherwise you’ll damage the delicate skin.

IMG 3884

 You’ll need to cure them {air dry and no sun} for several weeks…even up to two months… depending on humidity.

IMG 3888

You can also braid them to dry…maybe I’ll try that in the next few days before the stalks get stiff.

IMG 3910

I’ve put mine on a screen in the shade outside. You can use anything as long as they have plenty of air circulation.

 IMG 3912

Now on to other misc stuff around the garden…

onions {above} need to be totally brown and flopped over before you pull them.  Mine aren’t even close…

IMG 3898

but I see some fine ones poking thru!

IMG 3903

I’m getting sugar peas too now…

IMG 3905

…sometimes I just pop them into my mouth while picking.  YUM.  

IMG 3909

Last week I planted some cool weather seeds…broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach, leek & bok choy.

My average first frost date is September 15. I can’t believe I’m even thinking about winter coming!

Now’s the time to get your seeds going for a Fall harvest!