Cheers to Friday, friends!


Mr. Denim and I had a good laugh at ourselves this week…

Can’t blame these girls for it…

Or the fake large ceramic eggs we put in their nesting boxes to encourage them to lay there…

{fake is the one on the right}

One morning last week Mr Denim went out to fetch fresh eggs for breakfast…

and lo and behold he came back with our “first” Β humungous one!!!

But when I cracked it open I discovered that it was one of the ceramic fake eggs! 🀣

{note to Mr. Denim: coffee before collecting | note to myself: if a large egg feels way too light it’s probably fake}

PS Β I will be super glueing it back together…it was a perfect crack…but I will put a πŸ™‚ on it with a Sharpie!

Duh…live and learn.

But a happy ending to this story…yesterday we REALLY did get a huge REAL egg for the first time…and I promptly weighed it. πŸ’ƒ



I KNOW chickens are a lot of work…

and I KNOW notΒ everyone can have backyard chickens or wants to…

but photo above shows they’re worth it.Β 

IF you want them.

The lighter yolk is store-bought…the darker ones are from our girls.

And the girls’ taste better…IMHO.

Even with buying expensive organic free range yada yada yada eggs…they are no comparison to fresh eggs from backyard chicks. {Believe me, I am not knocking this brand at all…we’ve been buying these eggs for a year}

Which leads me to show…

My favorite new brunch…or dinner!Β πŸ˜‹


Think about getting some chicks…not only are they entertaining…but they provide meals!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

October is almost here!



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