I realized this morning that I’ve not kept y’all up to date about the girls…

DSC 4009

 so I took my camera with me as I made the rounds to collect any eggs they laid this morning.

DSC 3961

Those strawberries never grew well here…they always dried out and I got tired of hand watering them.

My fault I suppose.

DSC 3978

That sign over their nesting boxes is for encouragement…or to remind them what to do in case they forget…hehe.

DSC 3975

ME: Good morning girls!

{They came in from outside to greet me.}

GIRLS: Got treats? 

ME: What?!? I thought you loved me unconditionally.

But I am indeed the bearer of treats. 

DSC 4021


DSC 4026


DSC 4029


DSC 4031

in 10 pecks or less.

OK…that’s enuf excitement for one morning 😉

DSC 3983

 The girls are molting now…feathers feathers feathers everywhere…

DSC 3984

shedding the old and growing new ones.

DSC 3985

 But that means we get fewer eggs while their energies are spent growing new feathers.

This morning there were only two eggs…{that dirty one is a wood one}…so seven chickens produced only two eggs.

The shorter days don’t help either.

Can I get at least four a day?!?  Mr. Denim has a big appetite.

Come on girls!

DSC 3997

We installed some of that wavy clear stuff on their old run so they’d have a warm place to hang out.

DSC 4011

They can get pretty cooped up in the coop…even tho it’s new and improved.

DSC 4017

The old coop is closed for business…it’s too small for them and not insulated.

I was smitten by its cute look when buying it…and didn’t consider our winter temperatures.

Live and learn, right?

IMG 5201

Nor did we realize what destroyers they are!

Here is a pic circa 2013 when it was all nice and spiffy…and that lasted about one month.

What did this California born and bred girl know? Absolutely nothing about chickens that’s what.

That’s why it’s called older & wiser. Usually.

DSC 3996

 They now have straw on the ground to scratch and peck at.

DSC 3999

Hey, it keeps them entertained and busy.  You don’t wanna have bored chickens.

It’s called damage control.

DSC 3992

 But still to this day Lovey…that independent and unique gal…always does her own thing.

She’s outside while the others are inside.

DSC 3993

 She sees something interesting…

DSC 4002

in the compost bin of course…

DSC 4005

 until something else gets her attention…

DSC 4006

and away she goes.

These girls have such short attention spans.

DSC 4007

And…oooops…me too I guess…

I forgot to wear my muck boots in their yard.

Where’s the hose?