Miss Spring ain’t here in North Idaho, that’s for sure.

Where’d she go?

DSC_9193.JPG DSC_9193.JPG

We’ve had a few sun breaks, but…I’m still in my LL Beans…with muddy grass from too much rain.

But a few things have been happening around here while waiting for her to arrive.

fullsizeoutput_1069.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1069.jpeg

We have started the necessary dog-proofing for these young whippersnappers…

fullsizeoutput_1070.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1070.jpeg

so they can’t continue to do this!

fullsizeoutput_1074.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1074.jpeg

I bought some Walla Walla starts a few days ago…

and planted them under Roxie’s watchful eye.

fullsizeoutput_106e.jpeg fullsizeoutput_106e.jpeg

Until this bed is dog-proofed, I put my bell pepper cages up to protect the little shoots from those four legged critters.

fullsizeoutput_106a.jpeg fullsizeoutput_106a.jpeg

Chives have come back up all on their own from last year 🙂

DSC_9088.JPG DSC_9088.JPG

Our two resident geese have returned to our pond after wintering elsewhere.

{with all the rain lately it seems like a mini-lake now}

DSC_9033.JPG DSC_9033.JPG

Would be so fun to put a GoPro on them and follow them on their travels.

fullsizeoutput_1066.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1066.jpeg

Last summer we had a pesky squirrel try to enter the bird houses.

fullsizeoutput_1067.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1067.jpeg

So I ordered copper predator guards from Amazon with the right sized hole for swallows and bluebirds…

fullsizeoutput_1068.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1068.jpeg

and Mr. Denim put them on yesterday. Pretty dang spiffy, huh?

Good luck now, Mr. Squirrel.

fullsizeoutput_106c.jpeg fullsizeoutput_106c.jpeg

Yesterday at Wally World I bought four tiny pots of tulips…only $1 each.

I’ll plant them together in a larger pot.

DSC_9002.JPG DSC_9002.JPG

And last but not least, Mr. Denim and I recently celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary…

um yeah…we got married at age 12 🙂

The metal wall sign was a happy find at Magnolia Market…love that place!  Cool stuff there.

Have a great weekend, gardenistas!

And may it be Spring where you are!!!