Hi all!

Is it really March?


The next 15 days don’t get above 40 degrees….trust me.

You don’t want to see the rest of the forecast.


fullsizeoutput_101d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_101d.jpeg

But have a look at these photos just to humor me …

taken this week and last year the same week!

DSC_8826.JPG DSC_8826.JPG

NOW    😣

IMG_3052 2.JPG IMG_3052 2.JPG

 THEN   😎

DSC_8835.jpg DSC_8835.jpg

NOW    🙄

DSC_7204.JPG DSC_7204.JPG

THEN   😁

DSC_8829.jpg DSC_8829.jpg

 NOW    👍 and  👎

{thank you Roxie for posing so nicely without being asked :)}

DSC_7205.JPG DSC_7205.JPG

THEN   😍

Old Man Winter is really testing my patience this year!!

Only 17 more days until Spring…maybe someone needs to remind him about that.


I know I know…

it’s still technically Winter. But how about a teaser now and then Old Man?

He has a strange sense of humor, no?

I hope the grass is green where you are!