Hey all!

We’re OFFICIALLY now in SPRING! 🌸🌼🌷

I know I know…I’ve been a little obsessed about it.

I’ll stop…

In celebration of the first day of Spring I just had to do something official in the garden.

Like…plant something.

As in verb not noun!

IMG_3378.jpg IMG_3378.jpg

 I picked up some Walla Walla onion starts the other day at North 40.

And I’ve had them sitting in a bowl of water so they don’t die.

IMG_3379.jpg IMG_3379.jpg

 The weather was pretty nice last Sunday, so I thought I would plant them.

This is the first time I ever measured out 5” between them…

usually I just eyeball it.

Maybe I had too much time on my hands.

IMG_3380.jpg IMG_3380.jpg

I used my trowel handle to poke down in the dirt and then planted each start.

By the way…Walla Walla onions don’t store very well thru the winter…so I’ll be planting red and yellow onions soon.

But the taste of sweet Walla Wallas is too good to not plant any!

IMG_3381.jpg IMG_3381.jpg

Here they are just ten minutes later.

Happy and reaching for the sun.

And oh yeah…the metal mesh is a new necessary evil in my garden…since Riley the City Dog now will probably end up Riley the Country Dog.

{Riley’s not evil…the mesh is}

IMG_6652.JPG IMG_6652.JPG

{He told me he wanted to stay in the country since he’s not Eddie on Frasier…

even tho his 37th floor view of Seattle is just as nice as Eddie’s was…but I digress}

Boy does he love jumping up in the garden beds.  He’s like a rabbit.

Yes…I’m talking ‘bout you pup!

IMG_3390.jpg IMG_3390.jpg

 You can probably see the smoke in the distance…

we country folk can burn stuff…when there’s no burn ban.

Like now.

IMG_6655.jpg IMG_6655.jpg

 Since it was forecast to rain Sunday night I put some straw on the bed…

it helps with erosion and will keep any future weeds at bay.

Make sure you buy seedless straw.  Otherwise it’ll sprout like grass!

I learned the hard way.

IMG_6659.jpg IMG_6659.jpg

 Felt good to plant something on the first day of Spring!

Now I’m just waiting about 60 days until we push past our last average frost day.

Then look out scouts 😉