I’m back in the saddle…so to speak.  My computer is fixed {thank you Apple geniuses} and humming along, the sun is shining and life is good.  Yeah…just like those t-shirts.

IMG 7470

Mr. Denim and I found a few days to head over to Seattle for some R & R. Since I couldn’t get online I might as well get out of Dodge. Here is yours truly enjoying Puget Sound. No rain!!!

IMG 2812

But once I returned I couldn’t resist putting on my garden boots and getting in the dirt and planting.

IMG 2817

My kale was totally root bound.  Oh my…am I a horrible gardener or what?  I think they’ll live tho.

IMG 7504

After the chicks did their pecking damage to my seedlings they recovered with a lot of TLC.

IMG 7512

I planted them today in my cold frame…the next few nights will be close to freezing.  I also planted two cabbage  and five leek seedlings.  I’m wondering if it’s too late for the leeks.  I’ll find out.

IMG 7513

I rinsed out all of their small containers and stacked them to dry…ya know what that means?!?  I have a hose now in the garden. Woohoo!!! Temps are warming up!  This means nothing to you who live where it doesn’t snow. You’re lucky!

IMG 2770

The future greenhouse is coming along.  The floor is being installed. I wanted very simple. And I got it.

IMG 2797

Roman the Garden Dog thinks it’s his new bed. Or dog house.

IMG 2789

Love those 2 x 6 planks!

IMG 7519

But it looks so much better with cedar stain.  Sorry about those cute socks. Whatever.

IMG 7442

It was a very good April 1.  And the girls are happy…for the most part.  They’re not allowed in my garden now tho.  Go ahead and cluck girls…it is what it is.