My laptop sorta died two days ago.  I suppose it’s a sign from above to get working out in the garden and to stop posting so much.

OK…got it.  So that’s what this garden girl’s gonna do while the laptop is in sick bay.

photo 1

 The geniuses at Apple say it looks like my keyboard is toast.  I am hostage waiting for a new keyboard to arrive and for those geniuses to install it.  So I’m without a computer for now. She’s 3 years old…ancient in computer years…like 99? But I like her and need her. I hope she’ll be fine.

photo 2

I suppose I could use Mr. Denim’s computer…but that’s like riding someone else’s bike, right? It just feels weird. And I don’t like his touchy mouse.

It’s always something.  Be back when my laptop is back.

 And you go get out in your garden too!

PS  I am using the {ahem} aforementioned computer for this post. But this is the one and only time!  Knock on wood.