No matter how small they might be…

the signs of Spring are here!

IMG_2581.jpg IMG_2581.jpg

Minuscule new green growth {with deer droppings!} in the yard…and not a lot of snow left!


IMG_2565.jpg IMG_2565.jpg

Roman the Garden Dog and I perused the property today…

IMG_2566.jpg IMG_2566.jpg

 the pond is becoming unfrozen 🙂

{We had two Canadian geese on it this morning…but didn’t have my camera!}

IMG_2567.jpg IMG_2567.jpg

Roman looked at me as if to say “I’m thirsty for cold water”…

IMG_2568.jpg IMG_2568.jpg

 “but first I gotta put my feet in it”

IMG_2572.JPG IMG_2572.JPG

Ahhhh…OK…fresh & cold…

IMG_2576.jpg IMG_2576.jpg

 “well maybe I’ll just stand here and cool off for a bit”

IMG_2577.jpg IMG_2577.jpg

Excellent! Perfectly cold!

IMG_2533.JPG IMG_2533.JPG

 Then we went and checked out new vole tunnels that have made their appearance rather suddenly in the last week.

NewImage.png NewImage.png

 {this is a vole…a critter like a cute little mouse…from Wikipedia}

IMG_2535.jpg IMG_2535.jpg

 One or more of ‘em have dug their tunnels all over the acreage…

IMG_2540.jpg IMG_2540.jpg

  and they’re leading right to my garden.

But I have hardware cloth on the bottoms of all the raised beds…so I’m not worried.

IMG_2538.jpg IMG_2538.jpg

 The tunnels look fresh since the snow has melted in the past week.

IMG_2542.jpg IMG_2542.jpg

 How do those sneaky critters think?

 You’d expect the tunnels to be connected…of course since they’re underground we only see what they want us to see!


They must think it confuses us…um yeah it does.

IMG_2544.jpg IMG_2544.jpg

Just bizarre if you ask me.

And kind of an eyesore.

Nature does weird stuff.

IMG_2551.jpg IMG_2551.jpg

Riley was watching Roman and me the entire time.

He wanted his freedom too.

But you’re still a puppy Riley…and best left in the garden.

IMG_2553.jpg IMG_2553.jpg

After we were done walking around, Roman plopped down to guard us from that mean ol’ vole!

IMG_2594.jpg IMG_2594.jpg

 and Riley gave me the stinky eye when I returned…

IMG_2584.jpg IMG_2584.jpg

 sorry Riley…you’re not trusted out of the garden yet.

You bulldogs can’t swim…too heavy for your legs…

and you’d most likely run down to the pond and be silly.

IMG_2591.jpg IMG_2591.jpg

When I left Roman he was still watching for that mean ol’ vole. Good shepherd!!!

You’re such the protector 🙂