Chickens get bored in the winter.

And they get REALLY bored in the winter if they live in snow country.

chicken run winter

They can’t scratch and peck the ground for tasty bugs and insects.

They’re literally pretty much cooped up…their version of cabin fever ;)…unless they have a covered run. 

But even if the run roof keeps snow off the ground…it’s frozen!

chicken coop winter

You chicken mamas know what I mean.

To keep the girls happy we used to toss them mealworm off and on. But that can get real expensive.

sprouts in trays

What I do now is grow sprouts and try to give them a bit at a time every day

wheatgrass for chickens

Super nutrient-dense sprouts also means super nutrient-dense eggs for you!

mung bean sprouts

They love the fun of hunting and pecking and scratching.

Yes, we do throw them kitchen scraps…but honestly they LOVE sprouts even more!

chickens eating wheatgrass

Spoil your girls and grow some sprouts for them!

Soak the seeds/beans overnight in water. Put in jar with a sprout mesh lid or tray with drainage holes and rinse 3x day. The sprouts will usually be ready in 3-5 days depending on the warmth of the room.

soaking sprout seeds

Our girls love wheatgrass and mung bean sprouts. Other ideas are alfalfa, peas, clover, broccoli, sunflower seeds and lentils.  You can really try anything.

Many of the beans can be found in the health food bulk section of a grocery store. Some of the more unusual ones can be ordered online.

And since you eat their eggs, try to get organic seeds/beans.

chickens eating sprouts

Give your girls a thrill and make sprouts once or twice a week.  

They’ll thank you with delicious eggs!

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