Hello all! Before I get to the garden…

I just have to show you a few pics of Roman {the Garden Dog} having a Mexican standoff with his nemesis…a lone deer…who taunts him daily it seems…from across the pond.

DSC 9549

This deer is savvy…she/he stays in the safe zone…knowing full well that this barking German shepherd ain’t about to swim to the other side.

DSC 9544

It’s comical…until the barking gets on my nerves. But this deer is nonplussed.

 DSC 9576

She/he just takes time and enjoys the fine dining.

DSC 9756

Ahhh…pond life…

this turtle suns on a log.  Last week a baby turtle was on the back of a larger {momma?} turtle…it looked like two stacked rocks.

I’ll get a pic next time…promise.

OK…let’s get started with the garden tour for this last week in June.

Really?!?!? It’s almost July? OMG!

And what a slow as molasses garden it has been this year…argh.

 DSC 9878

The tomatillos are doing well…salsa verde soon I hope.

 DSC 9879

The mesclun and romaine lettuce is thriving. YAY…something to eat!

DSC 9877

These two cabbages will be pulled this next week and probably diced and dehydrated.

The pole beans are slow going.  I planted zucchini and crookneck squash in the two mounds under the stakes…just barely coming up now.

DSC 9881

Tomatoes in the foreground / chile pepper in back bed / onions in farther bed.

Everything is so slow…YAWN…except the onions.

DSC 9882

These cucumbers are unhappy with the cool nights and overabundant rain. Bush beans to the left…slow!

 DSC 9886

This other bed is planted the same as previous photo…but these cucumbers are close to croaking. Too much water? They look like they’re rotting.

DSC 9887

Some of the parsley is bolting.  I think it’s time to cut some and dehydrate.

DSC 9888

Bush beans look good but growing slowly!

DSC 9891

These are sunflowers I’ll transplant soon…but boy, they should be a foot high by now!

DSC 9893

Here is my Napa Cabbage…bolting!!!!! No cabbage…just flowers! Argh!

DSC 9896

Chile peppers…small but looking OK.

DSC 9902

FEE-FI-FO-FUM…something’s eating my strawberries. And I have bird netting over them. Go figure.

DSC 9725

Toadstools growing on the ground…a new thing this year.

DSC 9714

Meyer lemon tree buds…

DSC 9616

Asparagus!  But I won’t harvest until next year…bummer.

DSC 9704

And finally…the sound of serenity…you gotta have a fountain in the garden 🙂

See y’all in a few days…enjoy the weekend!